eBook Formatting

Are you interested what books we have formatted until now? Do you want to check their quality to make sure yours will receive proper care? You can simply click on covers below and you will see their Kindle edition, prepared by us, on Amazon.

For best experience, download sample of book on your Kindle device, Kindle app or send it to Kindle Cloud Reader. Alternatively, you can also use “Look inside” feature offered by Amazon to quickly see sample, but this is not recommended as “Look inside” feature does not support more complex formatting (like customized CSS code for older Kindle devices) which might make books look not as good as on real device or app.

While reviewing formatting, please note that there are many factors that influence how formatting looks like:

It is very important thing to know especially when you don’t like particular look and feel of the eBook – we design eBook in a way that relies to same point on original formatting as we need to retain book structure then we add our design taste to it and after that process client can change any detail. Client’s requests always take precedence, so your book can look entirely different.

Jule Fuller - What Every Parent Needs to Know Americans United for Life - Defending Life 2013 Albert Seldmayer - FutureQuest Marta Tandori - Too Little Too Late Marta Tandori - Ties That Bind Marta Tandori - Continuance Connie Strasheim - Beyond Lyme Disease Nicola McFadzean - Begginer's Guide to Lyme Disease Tom Lowe - A False Dawn Tom Lowe - 24th Letter Tom Lowe - Butterfly Forest Tom Lowe - Black Bullet Angela Henry - Sly, Slick & Wicked Douglas Mayo - Packed to the Rafters Thomas F. Lee - Silent Reflux Story Victoria Hogan - BABIES

Cover Design

Below you can see some of the covers that we have created. Please note that cover design is a process that involves both designer and author of the book. So each book cover is an effect of designer ideas and author feedback – it is only way to reach perfect cover art.

Marta Tandori - Too Little Too Late Marta Tandori - Ties That Bind Marta Tandori - Continuance Marta Tandori - Turn a Blind Eye