eBook and printed book covers

We create both eBook and printed book covers. We can make covers of any size or according to any specification.

With us, you can use your cover for your eBook published on Kindle, Nook, iPad, Kobo and Smashwords.

You can use your printed cover for books published with Createspace, Lulu, Lightning Source or any other provider.

eBook and printed book covers

Unlimited versions and revisions at flat price

With us you can be sure you will get the perfect cover.

We start with 4 initial designs. If you don’t like any of the designs, we will continue creating more until you do and then we can make unlimited revisions until you have the cover which you are happy with.

Whether we create the perfect cover in the first shot or after 5 designs and 30 revisions, you will pay the same, affordable price. This price includes everything, from our design work to fees for images and fonts used in design.

Unlimited versions of cover design

We keep you on safe side of copyright

Copyright protection assurance for cover design services

Great cover design is a result of the teamwork of many creative people. There are photographers who shoot and retouch beautiful photos. There are font designers who spend weeks on developing unique fonts. Finally, there is our designer who comes up with the vision of a book based on your ideas. He then finds beautiful photos from skilled photographers, matching fonts and mixes it all together, adding his own creative flair to create your unique book cover.

All this work is protected by copyright law. We make sure all those creative people get the payment they deserve for their hard work and that the licensing of all the creative work used on the cover is clear and transparent.

We explicitly take legal responsibility for using only images and fonts cleared for commercial use. It means that sometimes we can’t use particular image or font but it also means that you won’t lose sleep worrying about copyright law.