Self-publishing illustrated children's books on Amazon, Barnes&Noble and beyond with Print-on-Demand

If you are looking to bring your illustrated children's book to the world to entertain and educate your readers at the same time, Amazon's KDP Print and IngramSpark are the two websites which can help you publish and distribute paperback or hardback edition on Amazon, Barnes&Noble and other sellers online without the hassle, expense and risk of ordering a print run and introducing it into distribution.

You might have encountered the idea of using IngramSpark and KDP Print (formerly CreateSpace) for a balanced distribution. However, you might also realize that full-color printing required for illustrated children's books is expensive with Amazon's KDP service (the same as it was with CreateSpace), so you might not be sure what is the best solution.

Unlike for longer books, printing and distributing full-color children's books with both printer-distributors is affordable. However, the usual advice about using both providers together does not apply here, because children's books require a landscape format and each of the printers has their own limitations of what size of the book can be printed with them in a landscape format.

If you are close to finishing the text and illustrations for your children's book and would like to make them available to readers as soon as possible, contact us and we will suggest the best solution, as well as guide you step-by-step through this process, so you can have a finished book on Amazon and Barnes&Noble in no time.

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