Is IngramSpark the right choice for YOU? Or should you stay with KDP-only (formerly CreateSpace) paperback distribution?

IngramSpark is a Print-on-Demand printer and distributor that you can use alongside or instead of KDP Print (formerly CreateSpace) to maximize your paperback distribution reach and royalties.

The same copy of your paperback sold by Barnes & Noble on their website can earn you twelve times more if you print and distribute with IngramSpark, when compared to KDP Print Expanded Distribution.

When used alongside KDP Print, IngramSpark will not affect your Amazon distribution at all. However, you can also use IngramSpark to sell your paperback (or hardcover) on instead of KDP Print and earn 30% more for each copy sold on Amazon.

Are there any other benefits of using IngramSpark?

  • With Ingram, you can easily set up a paperback pre-order on Amazon and you can earn 30% more for each copy sold as a pre-order on (even if you use KDP Print for sales after the release date) than you would with KDP (which does not allow you to set up paperback pre-orders).
  • You can earn more by allowing Ingram to continue to print copies sold on for all future orders.
  • Since CreateSpace shutdown, you are no longer able to order advanced reader's copies printed by Amazon prior to making the book publicly available. IngramSpark is the most straightforward replacement for ordering those copies and you can take advantage of their option to add a personalized note to a selected copies to make even better impression on your early readers or reviewers.
  • You can also use IngramSpark to publish reasonably-priced full-color book, hardcover edition, a book in 11x8.5" landscape format (a great choice for full-color illustrated children's books, also as a hardcover edition) and extremely long or short book (beyond what's possible with KDP Print).

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Published: March 1st, 2017
2020 updates: November 1st, June 10th, April 10th
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You can use IngramSpark alongside KDP Print (formerly CreateSpace) to maximize your Print-on-Demand distribution reach and profit from each sale. This article covers the reasoning behind that strategy and the financial details required to make an informed decision about your print distribution.

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