CreateSpace shutdown aftermath: KDP Print key differences

Back when Amazon introduced KDP Print (beta) as an alternative to CreateSpace back in early 2017, there were many missing features and bugs, so CreateSpace was more "stable" choice for a while. As Amazon was preparing to shut down CreateSpace and consolidate eBook and paperback publishing under KDP platform, the CreateSpace features that were missing from KDP Print were added to KDP Print. Now, the process of setting up a book is smoother and easier than it was with CreateSpace and long gone are the days of filling up tax information on two Amazon-owned sites, copying the same metadata from one to another and being paid separately for eBook and paperback sales.

However, despite the fact that KDP Print is now stable and mostly bug-free (hey Amazon, do you remember "PROOF" product pages visible on Google just below the proper product page for the published book, which we reported back in 2017, which are still the issue?), there are still several key differences which affect how new books are published (including the ability to order author copies and the appearance of the proof copies), reporting, royalty payment and revisions. If you want to use IngramSpark for Amazon paperback, the process for channel/teritory selection on KDP required to make that happen differs a bit as well.

If you would like to see a detailed article outlining differences and how to work around missing features (such as Advanced Reader copies), please subscribe on the right and we will notify you as soon as the full article is published.

In the meantime, you can read our other article to understand how you can use IngramSpark alongside KDP Print to improve your paperback distribution.

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