Privacy Policy

We keep your information secure

Information and manuscripts

We value and respect your privacy. Any information or file that you send us is kept securely. We will only use your manuscript, and other files you send us, to provide quotes or services that you have requested.

Email address and newsletter

You can provide us with your email in 3 different ways:

We will never use the email address you use to contact us, either directly or through a contact form on our website, for anything other than to provide a reply and communicate about the service that you are interested in or hired us for. We will never send unrequested information to such email addresses.

If you subscribe to notifications about new premade covers being released, you will only receive such notifications. If you want to ask us to provide you with any information about our services, or want to receive our newsletter, please contact us or subscribe to newsletter separately.

By subscribing to our newsletter or signing up for any offer or resource, such as email course, digital download or discount, you agree that we can use that email address to send you useful publishing-related information, tips and resources. We may also use the email address you signed up with to send you information about our services or reminders about offer expiration dates. You can remove your email from newsletter and promotional messages by clicking the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any such message or by contacting us.


We use cookies for analytical and advertising purposes, including tracking of ads performance and retargeting. You can change your browser settings to prevent cookies from being created in your browser.

3rd party tools

We use several third party tools for some of the website features and to collect information specified above. Those tools are Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, MailChimp, Sumo (formerly SumoMe), Zendesk Chat (formerly zopim), HotJar, HubSpot and FullStory. We may also use conversion and retargeting pixels from ad companies such as Google and Facebook.

These 3rd party tools may use cookies in order to provide their functionality. They also process any information they collect or you provide through them in order to fulfill their purpose. They may collect information about your visit, such as referring website, pages viewed, links clicked, time spent on each page and how many times you visited our website. Some of them may also connect any information they collect with your email address, if you have provided it at any stage or will provide it in the future.

We use HotJar to collect feedback on your needs and overall website experience by asking you questions. This will create cookies on your computer which will allow only relevant questions on other pages or the next time you visit our site. This is sometimes used in conjunction with other tools (such as AdWords and Facebook Ads) to show you relevant content based on the data collected by HotJar when you visit other websites. We may also use it to ask for your email address. If you provide your email address in this way, we may be able to connect your email with the answers you gave with our website feedback tools from previous visits.

We also collect website usage information using FullStory. This data includes “session recordings”, which allow us to analyze your use of our website in order to find usability issues. We use this data to improve experience for our website visitors. We follow FullStory’s Acceptable Use Policy. FullStory will only store this data and make it accessible to us for up to 1 month.

Each of these 3rd party tools has their own privacy policy, which also applies to data they gather on our website.

Phone calls

When you contact us via phone, request callback or leave a voicemail, our service providers can process your phone number, voicemail message and record your conversations with us. We will use this information only to improve our service and support. We will never use your phone number for advertising or marketing purposes, unless you give us explicit permission to do so.


If you have any concerns regarding our privacy policy or the use of cookies on our website, please contact us. We will gladly accept any feedback regarding these policies.

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