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Done-for-You effective website and fully-managed web hosting without a headache or recurring fees

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We understand you already paid enough upfront to get your manuscript to its final draft. We also know you will love what we do, which is why we offer our services with no upfront fees and give you an option to pay in several monthly installments. Your satisfaction first, easy payment later.

Dedicated support

Clear communication is crucial, so a dedicated, friendly team member will personally keep in touch with you as our cover designers, formatters and web developers work to transform your manuscript into a distribution-ready, quality book to be presented to your future readers on your author website.

All you need in one place

Our range of services covers everything you need to turn your final manuscript into a high-quality eBook and paperback and present it to the world, from book formatting and cover design to web development and hosting, complete with in-depth book publishing courses tailor-made for self-publishers.

Effective website focused on your needs, guaranteed

Your author website needs to be modern and attractive to make a great first impression on your future readers, but most of all it's a tool to support your author business. This is why, above all else, we make sure the website created by our team is focused on your goals: growing your email list, generating sales and being there for all your marketing campaigns.

How can you judge whether the website simply looks great or actually meets your needs? You can only tell whether it serves its purpose over the long-term by actually using it for a while. This is why not only we don't charge you upfront for all the work required to bring your website to life, but we also offer an unbeatable satisfaction guarantee.

With us, you get 6 months to test-drive your fully-featured website to make sure it meets all your needs and works hard for you over a long-term. During that time, if you decide that the website designed and hosted by us is not perfect for your needs, in any way, and it turns out we can't change it to meet those needs (highly unlikely), you can decide to "cancel" the website and you won't need to pay us anything for this service.

Easy payment with no recurring fees or upselling tricks

How does a free, fully managed web hosting sounds like? Hosting charges can add up over time. With us, instead of spending money on web designer once and then paying for web hosting again and again, you pay a resonable one-off fee for all-inclusive service and the free lifetime hosting is included. You no longer need to worry about finding the right hosting company, reading small print, exceeding your plan's limits or price increase over time.

Need a new landing page created for your newest marketing campaign? Or want to modify page layout to meet your changing needs? List a new book? It's all included with no extra charge, ever.

When it comes to payment for our web service, you have two options: you can either wait for 6 months and pay for the service all at once or pay with 6 easy monthly installments when your first book is published. Whichever you choose, our satisfaction guarantee applies, so in the unlikely scenario the website doesn't work out for you, we will refund the installments you already paid. The total price is the same, so you can choose an option that is the best fit in your situation, without worrying about paying more.

Free up your time and attention to focus on creative work

Would you rather write your next book or deal with technical details or spend hours trying to figure how to solve issues with your website? We take care of the technology so you are free to focus on what you love.

Publishing your website, SSL configuration, email marketing service integration, search engine and social media optimization, backups, setting up your free author email inbox. You don't need to worry about any of this or even understand how all the pieces work together: it's all taken care of by our team.

Have you ever been worried that you will break something on your website by accident? Not only is your website immune to any mistakes you could make but you can simply send us an email to let us know about the changes that need to be made and they will soon go live without the need for you to touch your website. And if you want to make numerous changes to existing text on your website or write a new blog post, you can easily edit simple text files at any time, even offline, and then let us know when your changes are ready to go 'live'.

Did we mention that unlike WordPress-based sites, our author websites are unhackable and unbreakable? Most website owners put vulnerable CMS (Content Management System) on the Internet, exposing its security flaws to anyone with nefarious intentions willing to exploit them. Unlike with server-side code like PHP which can be used to gain access to your website and server, no one can't hack HTML, CSS and JavaScript files, so we generate all the underlying code needed to display your website offline. This ensures you won't lose sleep worrying your website might be taken offline, modified, or used to spread malware by some hacker.

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