Book Cover Design Services for eBooks and Print-on-Demand

Grab the attention of your target audience with a striking cover design

Perfect Cover Guarantee

We create striking premade and custom book covers that we guarantee you will love. With no upfront payment, you can be sure that if we don’t deliver a perfect cover, you won’t have to pay us for it.

Dedicated support

Clear communication is crucial, so a dedicated, friendly team member will personally keep in touch with you as our cover designers and book formatters transform your manuscript into a distribution-ready, quality book.

All you need in one place

Our range of services covers everything you need to turn your final manuscript into a high-quality eBook and paperback – from eBook formatting and print layout to custom-designed and pre-made covers.

As a first time author, I didn’t have a clue what to do about a cover for my novel. I found the Formatting Experts and started communicating with them about the nature of my book and one idea I had for a possible cover design.

They took my idea and ran with it, producing a cover far more interesting than I could ever have imagined.

They were easy to work with, timely in communication and extremely efficient. I heartily recommend their services for anyone interested in self-publishing!

Richard Todd, author of “Sitting Still”

It was the cover that attracted me to this book, I think before I had even read the synopsis I knew I needed to read this book. I absolutely love this cover, and after reading Inky, I have to say it fits perfectly it’s truly is beautiful.”

“To be honest, the name of the book kinda put me off to buying it. But then I saw the cover!

“When I first saw cover, I thought – WOW – what a beautiful and amazingly unique cover! I immediately sent J.B. Hartnett a message telling her I obsessed with it must read her book.”

Reviews by readers mentioning the "Inky" cover we designed for J.B. Hartnett

Perfect eBook and paperback covers

People do judge books by their covers, whether they are aware of it or not. We create eye-catching covers designed to instantly get the attention of your target reader. If we don’t come up with a cover design that you love, there is no need to pay us anything. Our designs not only include a front cover, which is necessary for eBook distribution, but also a matching back cover and spine for your paperback edition.

You will receive ready-to-upload files for your eBook cover (JPG) and paperback cover (PDF) which are properly sized for Amazon, Smashwords, KDP Print and IngramSpark. You can simply upload the cover files we create to retailers and distributors without the need of deciphering all the different requirements on your own.

We guarantee that all the files we create will be accepted by the retailers and distributors of your choice and that paperback covers printed by Print-on-Demand companies will look perfect. If there is an issue with any file, we will fix it promptly and deduct any fees you have to pay the distributor from our fee for additional proof copies or file revisions as a result of our mistake. We know that when it comes to a less than perfect hard copy of your paperback, it might be hard for you tell whether something is a printing issue or file creation mistake. To avoid any doubt and having an author-friendly approach to everything we do, we take responsibility for everything that is an issue in your opinion.

Custom cover design at a flat rate, or …

If you choose a custom designed book cover, we will prepare three initial designs based on the genre, target audience and description of your book. After your feedback, we will apply as many changes as needed to your chosen design to create a cover that will instantly resonate with your readers. If none of the initial designs appeal to you, we will continue to create completely new concepts until we come up with one you love.

Whether we create the perfect cover the first-time around, or whether we have to create seven completely different designs and make multiple revisions, you will always pay the same, fixed price. This includes everything, from our design work to any fees for images and fonts used in the design.

Our designers always strive to create the best concept for the cover of your book. Whether using your ideas and suggestions or whether you leave the entire creative process up to the designer, we will always come up with a cover that grabs the attention of your target audience. In the unlikely event we don't deliver a cover you absolutely love, you won’t have to pay us for it.

… or a striking premade cover

What if the perfect cover for your book has already been designed and is waiting for you? Why waste time with design briefs, reviewing designs and providing feedback if the cover you need is already available?

A well-chosen premade cover will attract the right readers just as much as a custom design, but with the major advantage of saving you time and money. You will know which premade cover is the right one for your book simply by judging your own reaction to it. If it impresses you, it is very likely to impress your readers.

If you feel that one of our pre-designed covers would make the ideal cover with a few small tweaks, then our designers will make the changes you need to make it just right. Not only will you receive a front-only eBook cover for digital distribution, but you will also get a matching back cover and spine to be used for your paperback edition as well.

Browse through our growing selection of high-quality pre-designed covers and claim one for your book.

We keep you on the safe side of copyright

Great cover design is a result of the combined effort of many creative people. There are photographers who shoot and retouch beautiful photos. There are font designers who spend weeks on developing unique fonts. Finally, there are designers who come up with the right vision and then find beautiful photos from skilled photographers, matching fonts and mix it all together to create high-quality, unique book covers.

All this work is protected by copyright law. We make sure all those creative people get the payment they deserve for their hard work and that the licensing of all the creative work used on the cover is clear and transparent.

We explicitly take legal responsibility for only using images and fonts cleared for commercial use. This means that sometimes we can’t use a particular image or font but it also means that you won’t lose any sleep worrying about copyright law.

Turn your manuscript into a commercial-quality eBook and paperback complete with professional cover design!
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