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We know you will love what we do, which is why we offer our services with no upfront fees. Payment is only due once you are completely happy with our work. Your satisfaction first – safe payment with PayPal later.

Dedicated support

Clear communication is crucial, so a dedicated, friendly team member will personally keep in touch with you as our book designers and eBook developers transform your manuscript into a distribution-ready, quality book.

All you need in one place

Our range of services covers everything you need to turn your final manuscript into a high-quality eBook and paperback – from eBook formatting and interior page layout to custom-designed and pre-made covers.

I contacted two of your authors and received glowing reviews. Now I know why. You give more than technical support to your authors. And for novices like me with limited technical knowledge, this help is immeasurable. What appeared insurmountable turned into a task that I could manage.

Your assistance has been invaluable. Saying thank you isn’t enough for all you’ve done to help me, but I will say it anyway. Thank you so much for your kindness, expertise and keeping on top of all the issues regarding the books.

Working with you has helped me stay focused on my writing goals in more ways than words can convey. Your team is awesome.

E.C. Jackson, author of "A Gateway to Hope"

My experience with Formatting Experts felt like working with a close friend. The project included four novels to be formatted for both e-books and paperbacks.

The same person stayed with me throughout this process while communicating beautifully. Questions were answered quickly, intelligently and concisely with courtesy and tact.

The service I received will bring me back to these professionals for future publication projects.

C.K. Thomas, author of "Arrowstar" series

What is Publishing Assistance?

Every author is unique.

If you are a seasoned professional, all you need is an experienced team of formatters and designers to transform your finished manuscript into a commercial-quality eBook and paperback with an eye-catching cover design that you can present to readers waiting for your next book.

If you are just starting out and looking to get your first book out there, you are going to need some extra help beyond technical support with design and file creation. You can read through retailers' guidelines and search for all the information you need to get started and then supplement what you already know with new knowledge right when you need it. After all, there is no substitute for your own hands-on experience and the most important thing of all is to get started.

But what if the whole publishing process seems too complex and confusing for you to even get started, with each piece of information you read only adding to that confusion instead of clearing things up? Wouldn't it be nice to have someone who was just an email away from providing you reliable information relevant to you and your book? Someone who could guide you step-by-step, always showing you the next thing to do and giving easy to understand advice to complete it, without overwhelming you? Someone to answer all your publishing questions with clarity? All the while providing perspective of the overall process that is ahead of you?

Do you feel that this is what you need? If so, we are here to be that 'someone' you can rely on for all the extra help you need to publish your book. We understand that the important thing isn't the number of questions we answer or the hours we spend helping you in every way possible, but what really matters most to you is that your book is published and distributed, which is why we offer all this extra assistance with a fixed fee which includes all the extra help you need.

Over the years we have found out that this kind of all-round assistance works best if we provide all the files. When you use Publishing Assistance, our team will take care of book formatting and cover design. However, if you would rather get all the information you need first, without being tied to other services, Consulting might be a better choice for you.

With Publishing Assistance, the same, dedicated person will keep on top of all things related to your books and support you through your publishing journey. Due to the time commitment and effort required to provide such on-going help and support as well as the attention you deserve, the availability of our Publishing Assistance is limited. After discussing your plans and needs, and deciding that this is the right fit for you, we will provide this support to you for as many books as you decide to publish with our help.

Below you can see some of the things included as part of Publishing Assistance.

Answer to any publishing question

You can ask us ANY publishing-related question. In other words, nothing that you need to know as an author to publish your book is off-limits.

So, whether you have questions about eBook distribution, Print-on-Demand, Amazon exclusivity benefits, KDP Ads, Kindle book lending, wholesale discounts, paperback trim sizes, royalties, pre-orders, sales rank, ISBNs, copyright, piracy protection and DRM, setting up website and mailing list, the difference between BISAC and Kindle Store categories, bestseller lists, rich product descriptions, keywords or audiobooks, you can get clear, up-to-date and reliable answers to all of these topics and more.

We always answer your publishing-related questions on a case-by-case basis, so that you get the answers you need which are relevant to your situation. You will be able to easily put the information you receive into action because our answers are always written in clear, simple and easy-to-understand language.

Upload to retailers and distributors

Do you want to save time and have us handle eBook and print files upload, so that you can focus on more creative tasks? Or help you deal with error messages that pop up while you are doing it yourself?

We can upload your book to retailers and platforms, including Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), Barnes & Noble NookPress (formerly known as PubIt!), Smashwords, IngramSpark and KDP Print.

We are not a distributor, so we upload files under your accounts and we do not take any royalties for doing so. Once your book is live and you no longer need us to access your accounts on retailers and distributors, you can simply change your password. You always keep full control of your books and accounts.

And when you need to update your book files, categories, pricing, add new books to your Amazon author page through Author Central or setup a pre-order, we can save you time and do it for you.

Pro-active advice at the right time

Getting answers to all your questions is great, as long as you know the right question to ask. Often, you don't. This is why we provide pro-active advice and instructions at the right time, so that you always know the next step and you can make informed publishing decisions, even if you don’t know what question to ask.

Our comprehensive advice covers the whole publishing process from technical issues like what trim size to choose for your paperback, financial aspects like which wholesale discounts to apply to maximize your profits and goes far beyond marketing tips like how to optimize your Amazon Author Page to show readers your other books.

Whether it’s periodical checks of your book listings on retailers’ sites and suggesting steps to improve them, creating rich product descriptions for your books, choosing categories that will maximize your book’s visibility or showing you all the steps required to make your first book free on Amazon to draw more new readers to your series, we won't leave you wondering what that next question might be.

Author email address setup

By making it easy to contact you, you can be sure that you won't miss any opportunity, such as an offer from a publisher to translate and publish your book in a country where you currently don't have any sales. Or an email from a reader giving you feedback on your books.

What does your email address look like, though? Is it a generic Yahoo, AOL, Comcast or Gmail account with your birth year and a nickname you used in high school? To present yourself as the serious author you are, you should be using an email with your own website name. But setting one up is a pain, and can be costly in the long run, especially if you are not tech-savvy. We can set one up for you and you won't have to pay anyone to use it. Plus, we can make all emails sent to that custom address land in the inbox you are already using, so you don't have to check another one.

Mailing list setup

Having direct contact with your readers is crucial for building your author platform and launching new books. While social media is one way to keep in touch with your readers, you are never in full control, as your ability to reach your fans or followers can be arbitrarily limited by the platform you are using. And while you fully control your website or blog, readers might eventually forget to visit it.

One sure way to capture the excitement of your readers generated through marketing or by them having just completed your novel is to capture emails and create a mailing list. That way you can keep in contact with them over the years, keep your books top-of-mind and launch new ones successfully.

Managing email lists with services like MailChimp is supposed to be easy, but if you haven't used them before, setting things up can be extremely time-consuming, not to mention putting that sign up form on your website or blog. This is why we can handle the boring parts for you, while you work on writing that first email to your readers and coming up with sign up incentives to grow your list.

Website and blog assistance

We now provide a separate Done-for-You author website service. We will design and develop your author website, integrate it with your email marketing and host it forever with no recurring charges. We will ensure all the technology works flawlessly and your site loads fast, so you can focus on what you do best: writing.

Your website or blog is the center of everything you do: it lists all your books, gives readers a way to contact you, lets you share the progress of your next book and allows you to connect with your fans. But making decisions about your website and setting it up for the first time can be hard and exhausting with so many choices.

We can make it easier for you. The person dedicated to assisting you with your publishing needs will also suggest the fastest, easiest and least expensive way to set up a website or a blog that will not only meet your needs but also match your technical ability so you can actually use it. After agreeing on the best solution for you, we will set it up for you.

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